As people age and regardless of their wealth, they can take advantage of the benefits of elder planning combined with the knowledge of estate planning and asset protection to protect their individual needs and avoid the pressure to give assets away and be subjugated by ruthless, greedy family members or “new” best friends. We care about the personal protection of our clients and assist them the best we can.

Some people need to plan to preserve their assets to pay for assisted living or a skilled nursing facility when they – or their spouse – can no longer care for themselves or their spouse. Careful personalized planning, hopefully with sufficient advance notice, can minimize the terror, and assure the client that there is a plan in place to take care of them.

Elder law can also include providing for a disabled person on government benefits who suddenly receives an inheritance or unexpected income or assets. Careful planning can avoid the loss of benefits and maintain the inheritance to supplement the disabled person’s needs. It is significant for your lawyer to be aware of how SSI and SSDI are affected by changes in income and assets in order to protect you.

Clients often forget that a Veteran or his or her family may obtain Veterans Benefits based on length of time served; when they served; and whether an injury or illness resulting from that service. They may also receive VA income if they were not injured if their income is insufficient.

REMEMBER: Planning is much Cheaper then Fixing!